Ladies 18ct Yellow Gold Platinum and Diamond Watch Bracelet

The “Kismet Jade” 18ct yellow gold, platinum and diamond watch bangle was designed and hand crafted by multi award-winning jeweller Paul Amey in Australia. “Kismet Jade” was designed and completed with over 220 hours labour and finished in December 2023. All components are masterfully handcrafted by Paul Amey with no casting or 3D imaging used. Diamond and stone settings were all carried out by Paul Amey.

“Kismet Jade” was inspired following on in the tradition of previous Paul Amey watches.  This latest addition to the family was 4 ½ years in the making being heavily disrupted by “the bug” finally coming to its crescendo when the final decision was made to use all natural diamonds, rather than the now evolving lab grown market.  Paul felt that his creation would not be taken seriously unless all natural stones were used.

Paul chose the Longines watch case and movement out of respect of the brand and his lifetime association with the watch industry.

Made from 18K yellow gold and platinum, this Paul Amey signature watch bangle is set with diamonds, 3 natural Keshi pearls, a pear shaped natural jade piece (5pt), together with various diamonds.


Embark on a journey of opulence with the “Kismet Jade” watch bangle, a masterpiece meticulously designed and handcrafted by the acclaimed jeweller Paul Amey. This extraordinary creation, completed in December 2023 after 220 hours of labour, showcases the artisan’s commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Paul Amey’s watch designs, where tradition meets innovation. The “Kismet Jade” is a culmination of 4 ½ years of dedication, overcoming challenges, and a commitment to authenticity. In a world influenced by the evolving lab-grown market, Paul insisted on using all-natural diamonds, reinforcing the essence of true luxury.

Crafted from 18K yellow gold and platinum, the watch bangle boasts an Longines case and movement, chosen with respect for the brand and Paul’s lifelong association with the watch industry. The intricate details include a pear-shaped natural jade piece, three natural Keshi pearls, and an array of diamonds, each carefully set by Paul himself.

Delight in the brilliance of diamonds, from round natural white diamonds to marquise-cut gems, all meticulously chosen for their quality. The “Kismet Jade” bangle also features natural Argyle type diamonds and colour-enhanced green diamonds, adding a unique and captivating touch to this timepiece.

The “Kismet Jade” watch bangle features the following diamonds:  Round Natural White Diamonds, all F SI:  1 x 15pt, 3 x 8pt, 6 x 5pt, 12 x 3pt, 22 x 2pt, 77 x 1pt; Marquis Natural White Diamonds, all E VS: 3 x 5mm x .5mm, 5 x 6mm x 3mm; Pear Natural White Diamond E VS; Natural Argyle type Diamonds: 2 x 22pt, 1 x 15pt 1 x 14pt; Natural colour enhanced green diamonds 9 equalling 14pts.

Dimensions:  The “Kismet Jade” bangle’s circumference is 17cm.

Designed and handcrafted by certified master craftsman Paul Amey in Australia.

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