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"At the turn of the century Fabergé and Lalique created masterpieces with very inexpensive materials; proof that excellent design does not necessarily imply a big cost"

Paul Amey is a master goldsmith and designer who is well renowned for his work in creating and producing beautiful jewellery completely by hand.

With one grandfather who was a watchmaker and the other a jeweller with his own manufacturing company, jewellery was obviously in Paul Amey's blood, as he entered the trade at the age of 16. Paul served his apprenticeship in Melbourne, then moved to Brisbane, Queensland, for a further 4 years and arrived in Perth, Western Australia, in 1978.

Paul has a strong desire and flair for hand made dramatic pieces, an early example being the making of the perpetual Gold Swan Award presented at the Western Australian of the Year Awards. Also in recognition of his hand craftsmanship, was the acceptance of his work by Sotheby's under its Art Category.

Paul has gone on to gain significant recognition from his peers and is generally regarded as one of the finest creative jewellers in the country.

Founding Erotic Jewellery in 1998, Paul has created a sensual range of body jewellery, both non-invasive (no piercing) and pierced, something for all age groups and tastes; the Erotic Jewellery Range. Because of the nature of our products, only the highest standards, and quality hand finishing, is acceptable for your comfort and pleasure.
Our Niplet Selection

The Niplet Range provides all the promise and whimsical fun that our imaginative jewellery line conjures up.

The pinnacle of every girl's dream, her wedding night, what more of a tantalising surprise could any bride offer her prince on this most romantic of evenings.

Just imagine, the most seductive of lightweight see through attire enhanced by a member of the Niplet Range. Be it cozing up next to a log fire, lying on a tropical beach, by a secret jungle pool, a private intimate evening or simply because you want to, the Niplet offers you that little something special.

A Niplet enhances your body contours and brings some extra glamour to any romantic occasion.
Niplet ‘Premier’ Selection
The Premier range brings a new dimension to our already outstanding collection, with the addition of Swarovski crystals with all their brilliance, along with all the colours of the rainbow, to bring an amazing new dimension of light to a romantic interlude. Can you imagine the surprise and delight when the seductive form of your breast is revealed with this alluring embellishment.
Niplet ‘Diamond’ Selection
The Diamond Niplet range is set to become a girl's best friend, along with Diamond's cousins, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. The ultimate enhancement for the most alluring of females. This range has been expressly designed for you with only the best natural diamonds available to us today, the reddest of rubies, the most brilliant blue sapphire, be it light or dark, and the quiet seductive nature of the emerald, framed in the only metal appropriate, gold of no less than 18ct or platinum.

These stone selections are available in any of the stone set styles in our range.

Colour enhanced PINK diamonds? Talk to us about this exciting custom option.
Natural PINK Diamond Niplet
For the ultimate in supreme embellishment, for that most outstanding female feature, we offer, natural PINK diamonds with only the finest white, available by special request, please contact us.

You can also see our full range now available at the new dedicated website.
The Paul Amey Exclusive Range is all about exceptional design, excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Paul has been manufacturing jewellery and designing for 50 years and in this time has seen a great number of design changes and influences come and go, but the fundamentals have always remained the same... good design, excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail always wins out in the end.

Like the masters of old, using time honoured techniques, Paul has endeavoured to keep alive the traditional skills and in doing so, in a more modern sphere, creates what are considered modern masterpieces.

Every piece of the Paul Amey Exclusive Range is completely crafted by hand from scratch, no casting machines, no computers, no mass production. Every Paul Amey piece from the Paul Amey Exclusive Range is an absolute original work of art, whether it be made from sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold or platinum, the same attention to detail is applied.

For example you will see the birth of a bracelet wristwatch in 18ct gold, platinum and diamonds. This took 140 hours over 4 weeks to design and create and 45 years to develop the hand skills and experience necessary to create such a piece.

A new design will often see the development of new manufacturing techniques, this, in itself, may take a great number of hours to create and perfect. See our 'Birth of a piece' section, to give you some insight into what it takes to create a modern masterpiece.

There will only ever be a finite number of original work's by Paul Amey, do you have one?

You can see Paul Amey's full range now available at the new dedicated website.
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