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"Jewellery is something that people have placed much significance on for centuries and it is something that most of us hope will one day be a family heirloom."

Who is Paul Amey?

With 50 years in the industry, Paul is still passionate about designing and producing special pieces for individual clients.

With one grandfather who was a watchmaker and the other a jeweller with his own manufacturing company, jewellery was obviously in his blood, as he entered the trade at the age of 16. Paul served his apprenticeship in Melbourne, then moved to Brisbane, Queensland, for a further 4 years, and arrived in Perth, Western Australia, in 1978 to work for Ringcraft.

Paul has a strong desire and flair for hand made dramatic pieces, an early example being the making of the perpetual Gold Swan Award presented at the Western Australian of the Year Awards. Also in recognition of his hand craftsmanship, was the acceptance of his work by Sotheby’s under its Art Category.

After buying Ringcraft in 1989, Paul has gone on to gain significant recognition from his peers and is generally regarded as one of the finest creative jewellers in the country.

Founding the Erotic Jewellery Company in 1998, Paul has created a sensual range of non invasive jewellery, something for all age groups and tastes. Because of the nature of our products, only the highest standards, and quality hand finishing, is acceptable for your comfort and pleasure.

the art

Paul, the master goldsmith and designer, who is well renowned for his work in creating and producing beautiful jewellery completely by hand.
Model wearing Paul Amey handmade bespoke jewellery

What makes Erotic Jewellery Company so unique?

It is a wonder then why so many people end up paying a fortune for mass produced jewellery that is seen in shop windows all over, when we have a master goldsmith right at our (cyber) doorstep.

Paul Amey is a master goldsmith and designer who is well renowned for his work in creating and producing beautiful jewellery completely by hand. Paul owns Erotic Jewellery Company and is a professional manufacturer and retailer of high quality jewellery. With 50 years in the industry, Paul is still passionate about designing and producing special pieces for individual clients.

It takes time and patience to work out something special for each customer and ensure that the customers are always completely satisfied with the work.

Paul has seen many examples of poor workmanship in mass produced jewellery over the years. Because his work is totally manufactured by hand and designed by himself, it would be difficult to find the same quality of workmanship that Paul puts in to every piece, anywhere else.

If you have something in mind, for a special gift or perhaps an engagement ring, speak to Paul about what he can do for you.

Jewellery can be totally restored or Paul can design something that is unique and created to your individual style and taste.

Paul can recycle yellow gold, melt down existing jewellery which people perhaps consider unfashionable and create something that is unique and new.

uniquely yours

"These days a lot of jewellery is made from exotic alloys so that they can be put through fancy machines. Even now, these alloys have proved to be unreliable. Where I prefer to use gold, silver and platinum in the way that have been around for a 1,000 years and proven reliable."

About the Erotic Jewellery Company?

Erotic Jewellery Company uses only quality stones, but Paul can create jewellery from all types of things – even road base if requested.

Paul said: “I have fun with jewellery and so should customers, but traditional values apply – I will always look after the client.”

Our Erotic Jewellery Range was developed from an overwhelming demand for something sensual and far more personal. So if you desire jewellery of a personal nature trust the creative professionals at Erotic Jewellery Company to craft just the piece you want.

“We give people the choice that they don’t get from other jewellers.”

Many of the designs have been born out of an awareness of the changing trends and attitudes within the community. A need for a more exotic range of jewellery was in demand, hence the invention of the Niplet and Navole.

“I sincerely believe that anything that I make by hand, assures my customers of a better quality and unique product.”

PAUL AMEY – Master of the Perfect Circle

Model wearing Erotic Jewellery Company Intimate Body Jewellery Collection Niplet
Model wearing Erotic Jewellery Company Intimate Body Jewellery Collection

the Niplet

"The Niplet and Navole were devised due to a need for a substitute to the current fad of body piercing."

our awards

Paul Amey jewellery designs awards 2018

“Chopsticks on Rest”

Art Piece

Jewellery Design Awards Logo

“Pink Mist” Pen
Precious Metal

What our customers say

Service and workmanship second to none. From the initial enquiry Paul and Karol were
amazing! Communicated every step of the way, were quicker than I ever expected and the final
product so gorgeous!! ten stars out of 5.

Carla R from Waikiki WA

I have been gift shopping with Paul Amey for many years now for all occasions, from our engagement, wedding, birthdays and Christmas or just because. I always find the perfect present for my wife, whether it is one of Paul’s unique available pieces of jewellery or something he designs individually for me.

John from Noosaville, QLD

I haven’t stopped staring or trembling since picking up my remade statement ring master crafted by Paul Amey. He is a true gentleman and performs jewellery sorcery to create the most stunning ring I could have never imagined up before meeting this man. Karol and Paul made us feel welcome and comfortable with the process which was more of an adventure than just purchasing a piece of jewellery. Thankyou both and I look forward to my next purchase! 😍💎💕

Kerry from Kingaroy, QLD

Kerry from Kingaroy, QLD

Everything about Paul Amey’s creations is sensational and vastly different from anything I’ve ever seen before. If you’re looking for a real treat make this jeweller your first and last stop!

Gay from Sorrento, WA

Paul was just great! I approached Paul for my wedding ring, with only a few ideas, Paul was able to interpret what I wanted exactly! I absolutely love what Paul has done; a truly unique piece, that completely reflects who I am.

Eric from Perth, WA

I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Paul showed me some of his work and gave me some great ideas. My husband gave me the stone, I knew I wanted a ring, but Paul created a ring that is truly unique. I love it! He understands metals and gems so well – am thrilled with the pieces he has created, they look so delicate but are so well made I wear them every day.

Barbara Steemson

Our Designs are Uniquely crafted
as timeless pieces

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