Parasol Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing the Parasol from the Erotic Jewellery Company. As you are probably aware you have a very unique piece of jewellery.


Do I need to do anything special when wearing my Parasol?

Because of how you wear the Parasol there are some things we feel you should be aware of…


This of course is most important. We are all aware of toxic shock syndrome. The amount of time or length of time the Parasol is worn is up to you but we would advise regular thorough rinsing in clean hot water or appropriate sterilizing medium (check with your Pharmacist for sterilizing mediums), allowing your Parasol to cool prior to insertion, and if any kind of irritation is noticed, that you cease wearing the Parasol immediately and see a doctor if irritation persists.

Store your Parasol in a clean, dry container and wash and clean your Parasol prior to each and every use.
Wash your hands before, as well as after, inserting your Parasol.
Do not handle your Parasol more than needed or put it on anything unclean.
Do not insert your Parasol if it hurts to do so.
We do not recommend or advise the use of your Parasol throughout the duration of your period.
Ask your doctor if it’s OK to use a Parasol if you’ve recently given birth, had a caesarean section, a miscarriage, an abortion or any other gynaecological procedure.


Sun Model:
This model simply tucks into and over your clitoris. It can be worn with panties or thong (g-string). Again hygiene is important as there is limited airflow occurring whilst the Parasol is being worn.

Walk Around Model: Gently insert the “bulb” into vagina, like a tampon, tucking the face plate in. Again hygiene is important as airflow is restricted whilst the Parasol is being worn. Reshaping the bulb is possible if required and adjusting the angle of the bulb to the face plate for a better fit is simply a matter of gently bending the face plate where the bulb is attached. If you are experiencing any difficulties in this area please contact us for advice.


The bulb of the walk around model is made of medical quality material but does contain trace amounts of nickel and chromium. People known to be allergic to these metals should not wear this product. If you experience skin irritation or other reaction to, or irritation from the bulb discontinue use immediately. Please contact us for a model with alternative materials.


The Erotic Jewellery Company, it’s servants and agents, disclaim all loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused, whether by death or injury; damage to property, financial loss or otherwise, arising directly or indirectly from or incidental to the use, operation, repair, maintenance or storage of a Parasol.

Whilst every endeavour has been made to make this product safe it is worn at one’s own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, no liability whatsoever will be accepted. To the extent that the foregoing is not enforceable at law, the total liability of the Erotic Jewellery Company it’s servants and agents for any loss or damage whatsoever, including death, personal injury or financial loss arising directly or indirectly from or connected with in any way the use of, or wearing of, a Parasol is limited to a refund of the purchase price of the Parasol or replacement of the Parasol.

These terms and conditions of sale are governed by the laws of Western Australia, Australia without reference to any principle of conflict of laws.

Yours truly

G P Amey

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