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The Niplet ‘Premier’ Range

The Niplet Range provides all the promise and whimsical fun that our imaginative jewellery line conjures up.
The pinnacle of every girl's dream, her wedding night, what more of a tantalising surprise could any bride offer her prince on this most romantic of evenings. Just imagine, the most seductive of lightweight see through attire enhanced by a member of the Niplet Range. Be it cozing up next to a log fire, lying on a tropical beach, by a secret jungle pool, a private intimate evening or simply because you want to, the Niplet offers you that little something special. A Niplet enhances your body contours and brings some extra glamour to any romantic occasion.
The PREMIER range brings a new dimension to our already outstanding collection, with the addition of Swarovski crystals with all their brilliance, along with all the colours of the rainbow, to bring an amazing new dimension of light to a romantic interlude.
Can you imagine the surprise and delight when the seductive form of your breast is revealed with this alluring embellishment.
All of our range of non-invasive sensual body jewellery does not require body piercing.
Watch how simple it is to fit a Niplet >>
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