The Birth of a Masterpiece

Every piece is completely crafted by hand from scratch, no casting machines, no computers, no mass production. Every Paul Amey piece is an absolute original work of art, whether it be made from the humble 9ct gold or sterling silver or 18ct gold and platinum, the same attention to detail is applied.

The Chopsticks

Construction of the main body requires the manufacture of a chenier (tube).
Starting with a flat plate, then folded in half lengthways, then pulled through a draw plate to close the ends, and start to round the chenier up.
Pulled through a draw plate to the required diameter.
The seam is then braised/soldered with gold solder.
Rough shaping of the mother of Pearl tips, and preliminary set-up.
Fine tuning of the tips, and making of the screw fitting. Forward planning was required at this stage, as we wanted the tips removable for cleaning purposes.
Beginning of stone setting, and aesthetic overlays.
The chenier at this stage is 0.7mm thick, and care has to be taken when overlaying decorative elements.
All the wire work was done free-handed, as no jig or bracing was practical. Spacing had to be extremely precise, and definitive as the material would not allow re-workings.
First stage of embellishment completed.
General completion of the second stage of embellishment, and general concept for the chop-sticks rest piece.
In the second stage we start setting diamonds. All stones were secured in hand-made platinum cheniers. The reason for being hand-made was that commercial cheniers have a too thick walls.
Final stage of embellishment, and principal stone application. All stone settings were manufactured by hand.
Preparing for principal stone setting, and initial base polishing and texturing. Each time one solders or braises, the fire stains left behind has to be removed, and polished again before additional soldering.
Final setting. The necessity to build a jig to hold the chopstick securely while the stone setting was being carried-out.
General overall shape and drafting was carried out to ascertain ease of use and comfort, but also aesthetic appeal.
Addition of a tassel on the main chop-stick (the one that would rest on your thumb).
Final inspection, fine tuning and polishing.
As I was not limited by the need to employed other trades, I could carve the mother of pearl and ebony to my very own requirements. I find that bringing in outside technicians, would result in loss of design integrity.
Concept work. The question is; how far do you go? As a designer, I felt that it was justified to create something a little bit more interesting than just a plain rest.
Setting and applying of diamonds and platinum embellishments. At this stage, I decided to make the ornamental component removable from its ebony base…
So it could be worn independently, as a pendant around the neck; an additional piece of jewellery.
The finished piece in all its glory! And for those who are curious; yes; they do get used regularly!

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Final installation of the principal pearls.

The Watch

At the beginning a basic frame is constructed.
The frame is then modified to accommodate the selected watch movement.
…until all of the frame is covered.
The lace free-form is now meticulously applied by hand...
After acid cleaning, which removes the fire stains.
Preparing the frame for the diamond settings, and motifs if applicable.
The catch and hinge mechanism are installed, and are custom made for each individual piece.
Platinum was used here, for its durability and its exclusiveness.
Fine-tuning of the catch mechanism is crucial for the future security of the piece.
High quality diamonds are only used, for their brilliance and whiteness.
Final embellishments involved the application of additional diamonds to enhance the aesthetics and exclusivity of the piece.
Fitting of the movement, and the mechanism, requires to allow the movement to be removed for services and battery changes.
Final fitting may sometimes be required with the client, for ultimate comfort of wear.
Final and crucial review and inspection, to guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and design.
The exquisite piece is now yours to be enjoyed.


"Jewellery is something that people have placed much significance on for centuries and it is something that most of us hope will one day be a family heirloom."

18ct Gold, Platinum, multi coloured saphire and Broome Pearl – At this stage, final stone setting still needs to be completed.
18ct Gold, Platinum, multi coloured saphire and Broome Pearl – Now partially set, and balancing the colours.
Paua Shell and Mother of Pearl, diamond pendant – Stage one.
Sapphire, Platinum and Broome Pearl – Finished item.
Paua Shell and Mother of Pearl, diamond pendant – Checking the fitting for the one-piece solid choker.
Paua Shell and Mother of Pearl, diamond pendant – completed piece.
Traditional Cluster – Traditional designs are also executed with the same passion and attention to detail.
18ct Bangle with Dragon motif, pearl and cubic zirconia – You don’t have to use diamonds to make something extraordinary.
Traditional Cluster – All handmade for maximum strength and durability.
Diamond bracelet watch collection – For the ultimate expression of refinement and luxury.
Platinum pendant – Pink and white diamonds, are gloriously displayed in an exclusively constructed Platinum frame.
Diamond bracelet watch collection – Another unique design still being developed at the present, with gum nuts and leaves.
Men's ring – Exclusive designs for men, adapted to individual lifestyle and taste.
9ct Gold bracelet watch – 9ct gold is also used to produce more affordable but still exclusive creations.
Mother of Pearl pendant – Mother of pearl with enamel and diamond motif.
Natural Stone Pendant – 18ct gold and diamond, with sliced agate.
Murano Glass Pendant – Artisan Murano glass encapsulated within 18ct gold and diamonds.
Handcarved rock-crystal – Set in 18ct yellow gold, with Lapis Lazuli and diamonds.
Natural Timber Range – Natural timber has been embellished with 9ct gold, natural coloured diamonds, and pearls, in a unique and original concept.
Exclusive Creations – This piece is constructed with 9ct gold, rubies, and diamond with cubic zirconia to keep the piece affordable.
Erotic Jewelley Range Niplet – Niplets from the standard range can be embellished with diamonds and pearls to enhance their exotic appeal, and make the piece truly unique.
Bar Ring – A style exclusive to Paul Amey. One of his signature designs, and one that can be morphed into endless design variations.
Molten-edge Ring – Can be fitted with unusual and natural shaped stones and pearls, to enhance mother nature's own creations.
Molten-edge Bangle – 9ct gold, with molten edges, and raised motifs, on a pin finished background. Either hinged or traditional solid bangle design.
Reversible Pendant – In sterling silver and Paua shell.
Reversible Pendant – In sterling silver and Paua shell.
Wedding, Engagement & Eternity set – With Tourmaline, rubies, pearl and diamonds.
Kleavet – Mother of pearl, 18ct gold and diamonds.
18ct Gold bracelet watch – With rose motifs, and diamonds.
Wedding and engagement ring set – Lace freeform.
Molten edge ring – Cook Island pearls, 18ct gold, and diamonds.
Molten edge bangle – With grape leaf and vine, sapphires and diamonds.
Shield pendant – The centre consists of Malachite, with cabochon garnet, and diamonds.
Freshwater pearl pendant – In 9ct gold, and cubic Zirconia.
Tree ring – Diamond, pearl and Tourmaline tree ring.
Mother Of Pearl Pendant – Opal inlaid into Mother Of Pearl, with diamonds.